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About Us

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Gibson Company was founded in 1996 by Tom Gibson. After serving more than 20 years as a senior broker and manager for large real estate companies, Gibson envisioned a different business model and client focus. His tenant & buyer services were developed with a guiding principle – always put the client’s interest ahead of the company’s interest. Gibson committed to be generous with his time, flexible with his compensation, and faithful to philanthropic support. Because of Gibson Company’s unique structure, clients benefit from greater attention and time devoted to their needs. Without costly overhead and administrative constraints, Gibson Company has flexibility to tailor its services, work product, and fee structure to best suit each client’s situation. Finally, Gibson Company is dedicated to a philosophy of significance above success; this means supporting the favorite charities and non-profits of clients, customers and referral sources.

Gibson Company Profile
The Gibson Company is a commercial real estate brokerage and consulting firm headquartered in Orange County, California. The firm exclusively represents the interests of tenants or owner/occupants of facilities; never representing landlords or professional investors of real estate. Principals of the firm have over three decades of experience in a wide range of disciplines including Leasing and Purchasing, Lease Renegotiation and Termination, Site Selection and Relocation, Build-to-Suits, Land Acquisition, Project Financing, Sale-Leasebacks and Consulting. Clients of the company are geographically diverse, and vary in size from those in the middle market to the Fortune 100. As well, project engagements are national in scope and cover the spectrum from conventional leasing assignments to complex consolidation plans requiring carefully coordinated strategies and multi-party negotiations.

With an emphasis on systems and comprehensive analysis, the firm provides unparalleled support and service to its clients. Though every assignment is unique, the firm follows a prescribed methodology in its practice assuring that every client receives a consistent delivery of quantifiable information backed by empirical data. Thereby, decision making is based upon facts, not good intentions and guess work.

Our mission is to develop and implement flexible, cost-effective, and risk-limited real estate strategies that support the operational needs, financial objectives, and corporate culture of our clients.

Our philosophy is to treat our client’s assets as we would our own. We take care in protecting the resources made available to us. These include our client’s time, finances, trust and reputation.


Our tradition is to be “non-traditional.” In a world of accelerating change and ever-increasing competition, our clients demand more than yesterday’s answers. We employ innovative, cutting edge solutions to today’s challenging and complex problems – seeking every opportunity to improve our client’s bottom line.


Assess current real estate situation

  • Review important real estate documents & records
  • Confirm findings
  • Establish baseline space needs

Determine real estate needs

  • Select product type – office, flex, industrial, etc.
  • Prioritize real estate submarkets
  • Establish square footage forecast for both short and long term real estate needs
  • Verify timing of real estate decision
  • Develop office or industrial space specifications list for RFP

Conduct real estate market research

  • Develop comprehensive availability list of office or industrial space in submarket
  • Obtain preliminary rental rate data and other terms of lease
  • Present real estate market findings and dcoumentation to client
  • Create a short list of properties based on floorplans and amenities
  • Tour short list properties for office or industrial “look & feel” match
  • Determine top choice spaces (3-5) for standard proposal or RFP

Commence real estate negotiation or renegotiation

  • Initiate 1st round of direct proposals or RFPs to landloard or landlord broker
  • Evaluate responses from landlords and summarize findings for clients
  • Use market knowledge and creativity for real estate solutions