Corporate Real Estate Services

Corporate Real Estate Services

Gibson Buildings

Not every business real estate need is the same. Therefore, the service required will vary from assignment to assignment. Gibson Company offers a depth of experience ranging from needs assessment, to planning, transactions, property administration and consulting. In situations where more specific expertise is required, Gibson Company incorporates collaborative solutions, working in concert with other skilled professionals. In all cases, Gibson Company represents Tenants and Buyers only, thus avoiding conflicts of interest. Unlike with other brokers, Gibson Company’s representation of the client is never compromised. Services most often desired by clients include:

1. Transaction Services (frequently called Brokerage Services)

a. Leasing – most businesses prefer leasing to owning. Leasing provides greater flexibility and mobility for companies. Leasing requires less of a financial commitment than owning. In spite of the advantages, leases can be costly if not negotiated aggressively with detailed attention. As the Tenant’s advocate, Gibson Company identifies the hidden costs and liabilities for its clients. The most common transaction services are:

i. New leases
ii. Lease renegotiations
iii. Build-to-suits
iv. Subleases
v. Lease terminations

b. Purchasing – though less common than leases, property purchases may be preferred by companies as well as entrepreneurial business owners. Specialized facilities, especially those with capital intensive improvements, may necessitate ownership. Also, individual business owners and partnership groups may prefer to own and lease back to the business for investment purposes. Gibson Company has expertise to advise and represent its clients in such situations. As the Buyer’s representative, assisting with due diligence is crucial. Prospective buyers are provided access to expert professionals to evaluate physical and environmental conditions, governmental regulations, and conditions of title. Transaction services for Buyers include:

i. Condominium purchases
ii. Building purchases
iii. Land purchases
iv. Investment purchases

2. Lease Management & Administration – historically, mid-to-large companies have hired employees to oversee and administrate leases. This is especially true for companies with multiple locations. Gibson Company provides an alternative solution through its Facility Resource Partners division. Utilizing a cost-effective technology-leveraged approach, the responsibilities can be outsourced entirely, or in part. The benefits to clients include reduced staffing, reduced cost of overhead, scalable pricing, all with no long term commitment. When coupled with “account transaction services,” administration services can become cost-neutral to the client. Administration services include:

a. Lease database software implementation and monitoring
b. Incident logging and problem resolution
c. Key date and notification monitoring
d. Periodic review of Insurance and Reporting Requirements
e. Lease and Operating Expense Auditing

3. Consulting & Planning – at times, businesses need advisory expertise to evaluate options, opportunities and obstacles. Consulting services help clients with fact finding, analysis, strategy development and recommendations. Gibson Company has the expertise and tools to tailor engagements for each client’s requirement. Advice is rendered with independence, free of conflict of interest. Typical services include:

a. Market Research
b. Relocation Analysis
c. Strategic Planning
d. Headcount and space programming
e. Financial analysis
f.  Expert Witness & Litigation Support