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  • In the world of corporate real estate, businesses often wrestle with the decision to centralize or decentralize control over their remote facilities. Unfortunately, there i

  • Restoration - we're not talking 'that old house' restoration. Rather, we are talking about Restoration as a legal term used in leases. It is an often overlooked requirement

  • Touring a sausage factory is the only time knowledge is dangerous. If you actually see how sausage is made, you likely won’t be inclined to eat it again. Other than t

  • When we hear the term competitive bidding most of us think about auctions. Whether it’s a silent or live auction at a charity event, or perhaps eBay, we have a pretty

  • Tenants today tend to be well informed. They read journals, market reports and newspaper articles. Though they may only be in the lease market every few years, they know wh

  • Most commercial real estate lease transactions include some construction modification to the space (“Premises”). The improvements can be as simple as paint and

  • As if Tenants didn’t have enough things to worry about, soon they will have a new accounting regulation with which to comply. This is known as Capital Lease Accountin

  • In the world of commercial real estate, references are often made to market deals. Cocktail talk and casual conversation are when tenants like to tell-all about recent deal

  • Auditing Operating Expenses (O.E.) is like going to the Dentist without Novocaine. That’s because the audit process is typically arduous, confusing, convoluted and ti

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