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Clients & Case Studies


“…and the best part is that you helped us cut a great deal! I understand that your negotiations enabled us to achieve possibly the lowest rental rate on record for south Orange County in the past year. That is an outstanding achievement.”
Richard Banks – President, Archstone Communities

“I am happy to provide a reference if ever needed.  I have the highest level of confidence in your negotiation skills and will be happy to attest to the high level of professionalism that you bring to the negotiation process.”
Richard Banks – President, Archstone Communities

“Your thoroughness, understanding of our needs, and overall high level of professionalism made the difference. Without your unparalleled knowledge of the market and your commitment to Ardent, this premium office space would not have been financially viable for us. You provided us with smart business solutions that met our needs.”
Jim Kordenbrock – VP, Managing Director, Ardent Learning

“It’s been great to work with someone at your level. It’s the difference between Major League Baseball and college baseball – there is no comparison.”
Jim Kordenbrok – VP, Managing Director, Ardent Learning

“Your advice to competitively bid the two finalists was just the right strategy. This approach clearly enabled us to negotiate an especially aggressive deal with the Landlord. We also appreciate the attention to detail, follow up, and communication you provided.”
James B. Katherman – Officer/Shareholder, Stonefield Josephson, Inc.

“Thank you for your help in renegotiating MGE’s lease for our 235,000 square foot headquarters facility in Orange County, California. The $1.6 million savings that you achieved for us represents an important financial contribution to the future success of US operations. Thanks again.
Dave Petratis – President, MGE UPS Systems

“I want to thank you for your efforts in bringing this growth and consolidation project to fruition. Of particular help was your taking care of the “holdovers” at our two Irvine facilities. Clearly the two landlords had us at a disadvantage, but they did not assess us any premiums thanks to your persuasive negotiation.”
Sloan D. Wood – Director of Corporate Services, Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

“Suffice it to say, without your persistent and persuasive prodding this transaction would not have been completed with your client. We were well on our way to completing a sublease transaction with another major mortgage banking concern when you first approached us. Needless to say, the end result speaks for itself.”
Gerald P. Flintoft – Director, Corporate Real Estate, AECom Technology Corporation

“It has been my pleasure to be associated with you for the past 20 years. During that time, we have worked together on numerous transactions and projects both in California and Colorado. I have found your knowledge of the commercial real estate industry to be extensive and you have exhibited a uniquely creative approach to problem solving, especially in complex transactions. Above all, you have consistently shown professionalism and integrity in all your dealings and negotiations.”
Bradford B. Deck – Vice President, Development, Donahue Schiber

“We all are very pleased with the outcomes of your tireless efforts over the course of nearly a year, as we are now enjoying the benefits of extensive remodeling and upgrading inour facility. Your long hours and hard work have produced a work environment which is more comfortable, more productive and much more cost effective.”
Sally Claybourn Evans – VP, Finance, iBRD Global

“We hired Tom for Tenant Representation. He did a fantastic job through the entire process. He helped us find a space, negotiate the lease, and provided excellent advice throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom to any business that needed representation.”
Kirk Oetken – President, Summit Payroll & HR

“I have worked with Tom on various office lease negotiations, from 3000 to over 130,000 square feet. He has always provided timely expert service and a superlative selection of properties to choose from. He negotiates prudently on my behalf and works well with colleagues and the other parties involved. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone in need of office space, whether it be for a small space or an entire building.”
Ed Resendez – CEO, ResMAE Mortgage Corporation

“Tom handled my commercial real estate transaction much better than expected. He is a great negotiator, in that the rate was fantastic, and the concessions from the Landlord were unprecedented. On top of that, it was fun, easy, and he donated half his commission to my favorite charity – Habitat for Humanity! I highly recommend Tom for any commercial real estate needs a business would have.”
Kelly Moore – President, Moore Benefits, Inc.

“Tom is one of the most intelligent, knowledgeable and professional individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with….he is passionate about understanding your individual situation and delivering solutions based on your objectives.”
Jim Kordenbrock

“Tom has helped my law firm with 3 lease transactions over the last 4 years. He is an expert in the industry with an impecable reputation. We could not be more pleased with our suite Tom helped us obtain.”
John Stephens – Partner, Stephens Friedland LLP

Case Studies

Situation: a rapidly growing financial services company was operating its national headquarters in 6 different leased suites in 3 separate buildings. The company needed to consolidate operations while insuring adequate room for growth.

Strategy: together with the Head of HR, Gibson developed growth and adjacency models to determine headcount projections, future space needs and departmental adjacencies. The models were adapted to calculate “best case”, “worst case” and “likely” growth scenarios.

Solution: Gibson Company identified a class “A” 5-story office building nearby that was just commencing construction. Though it was planned as a multi-tenant “spec” building, Gibson was able to negotiate a single-tenant redesign encompassing 133,000 sq. ft. Building Top & Monument signage, over standard parking and a below market lease rate were negotiated by Gibson on the client’s behalf.

Situation: a public company operated its headquarters in a Class “A” high-rise office building at top-of-the-market rents. The company’s Chairman believed the Administrative and Executive groups should be housed in a more cost-effective location.

Strategy: with the client’s input, Gibson Company prepared comparative analyses of lease vs. purchase and of different property types. The client’s culture was also factored into the analysis. It was determined that the ideal solution would be to purchase a suburban low-rise style property that would be support the client’s culture, cost objectives and operational needs.

Solution: Gibson identified a two-story flex building that had been converted into office space 10 years earlier. The property had surface parking, and was 40% leased to 3rd party tenants. Due to the significant vacancy, the seller had discounted the purchase price to an attractive level. With the money the client saved both moving from the “high rent district” as well as the low purchase price, it was able to invest in interior and exterior upgrades to its new headquarters property.

Situation: a French-owned electronics manufacturer was 10 years into a 20 year lease, and the business was struggling financially. The original lease had escalating rents that exacerbated the negative effects of a bad economy. The client was considering abandoning the property and shutting the business down.

Strategy: Gibson Company prepared various financial models to determine from a cash flow standpoint how much rent the company could afford. Gibson also obtained hardship documentation from the local utility company, chamber of commerce and employee union. The plan was to present the Landlord with complete picture showing the client’s dilemma and likely course of action should the Landlord not agree to reduce the rent costs.

Solution:through presentation of the facts, supporting documents and reorganization plan, Gibson obtained a $1.6 million reduction in lease costs including over $750,000 reduction in the first three years. The only concession required of the client was a credit enhancement by way of acknowledgment by the French parent company. With the savings, the client was able to continue its operations and occupancy.

Situation: a western region automobile auction business wanted to expand operations from the Pacific Coast into the Denver, Colorado market. In the midst of preliminary site search, the company sold to General Electric Credit Corporation. The corporate Real Estate Department Director then took over control of the requirement.

Strategy: GECC instructed Gibson Company to continue its property selection activities, but the client demanded anonymity. GECC wanted to conceal its identity avoid having selling prices immediately escalate. The strategy was to acquire 50-plus acres with expansion options within a cooperative city jurisdiction that would permit favorable re-zoning; all without identifying the purchaser.

Solution: Gibson Company approached the Union Pacific Rail Road who owned significant acreage just east of the Denver city limits. The company was in the process of subdividing and re-entitling an undeveloped 900 acre parcel. During escrow, Gibson worked with the city to guide the zoning and permitting process. Finally, Gibson had to resolve a 200 year old recorded easement for a cattle crossing running directly through the site. After a year of negotiations, title cleansing and land permitting, the sale closed and GECC opened the Denver Auto Auction.

Situation: a medical diagnostics company founded and headquartered in Chicago was having difficulty recruiting qualified engineering staff. After an extensive relocation study, the company identified Denver as a favorable geographic location with a highly-skilled, affordable labor force. The company faced the daunting challenge of relocating not only the business but also several senior level employees.

Strategy: with the assistance of Gibson Company, the client began the exploration of the greater-Denver area market. In addition to conducting the company search, Gibson developed a strategy to incorporate key executive relocation services. Prominent residential brokerage companies were identified and interviewed to determine the most qualified candidate.

Solution: Gibson Company managed the project, including negotiations with the owner of a vacant 125,000 sq. ft. high-tech building. Gibson Company also led the process to obtain Industrial Revenue Bond financing, allowing the client to achieve favorable long term financing. Upon closing of the HQ building, Gibson shifted its attention to the executive relocation activity. Within a fourteen month time period, 12 senior executives were successfully relocated to conclude the corporate relocation of the company.